A fellow Food Warrior: Carrie Stiles

Carrie Stiles, a Portland native who has traveled to over 30 countries, has decided to remain stateside for a bit to help document the local food culture for Real Time Farms. She truly believes in local, sustainable agriculture, calling it a “positive, delicious solution” to a global problem. Carrie explains, “Food is a way of interacting with nature, as well as a way of empowering people.” She has confidence that the development of rich, local food systems can aid with issues such as hunger, marginalization, and personal health.

She has come to this conclusion after earning her B.A. in Political Science and her M.A. in Conflict Resolution. These studies took her to faraway places, such as Cairo, Cape Town, and New Delhi. Through her travels Carrie has developed a deep respect for cultures that value family more than material possessions. For this reason, Carrie names Mali as one of her favorite destinations: “Mali is one of the poorest countries in the world, yet it has one of the richest cultures.”

Carrie is hoping to gain more life experiences before pursuing a Ph.D. and a career in media. Her ultimate goal is to be a superstar filmmaker, so keep an eye out for her debut documentary! Until then, you can check out her blog for a look at what she’s pondering at the moment.